New cartilage piercing randomly started hurting?

Answer You need to be using goal dial liquid soap if you want to use soap to clean it. Has to be antibacterial with no scents or lotions or it could irritate your piercing a whole lot!Also, you aren't sup... Read More »

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Nose piercing randomly started hurting?

ya pain should go away in a few days do check for pussing though

My cartilage piercing started bleeding when i took it out and i have had it for 2 month?

If this was the first time you took it out, then you shouldn't be worried. Piercers say that these piercings heal quickly, not true!! Mine took about 8 weeks to heal completely, but some take longe... Read More »

Cartilage piercing!!! help!!!?

I had mine done about a year and a half ago , and i had the same problem. Just mine got bigger and bigger to where none of my earings could stay in , so i took it out and it healed :( So i was left... Read More »

Ear piercing (Cartilage)?

A few months ago, I got my doubles. They said the same thing and for a few days I did it, but I soon stopped. It didn't really matter too much. I would try cleaning it now. My ear did start to blee... Read More »