New Youtube gaming channel !?

Answer Subscribed. I really am interested in seeing your videos.

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Check Out My Gaming YouTube Channel?

I want a YouTube gaming channel?

Ok i have a gaming channel well had but i stopped posting vids. Anywho You can take the cheap approach or the not so cheap approach, with the cheap approach you would need something like a Dazzle c... Read More »

How to get my gaming youtube channel more populer?

You have to have a quality that distinguishes you from other youtubers. Cod is boring, so move away from that. I'm guessing you're a fan of Pewdz, and you know that he is severely funny, so i guess... Read More »

How are my recent videos YouTube Gaming Channel?

Coming from someone who is not big into this genre, I think you are really great. You have a perfect pitch voice, a good personality, mixed with great production value on your videos. I thumbed thr... Read More »