New Yorkers What is a kanish, caniche, cannish?

Answer A knish (the "k" is pronounced) is an Eastern European snack food popular in Jewish communities. A knish consists of a filling covered with dough that is either baked or fried. Knishes can be purch... Read More »

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What do new yorkers wear in winter?

New Yorkers typically look chic and pulled-together while showcasing their personal style. In the winter, all of this changes as the main concern is getting and staying warm while navigating the st... Read More »

Are New Yorkers nice?

Nice or arrogant. Hmm not much of a choice.New Yorkers are a lot more than nice or arrogant.New Yorkers are tough and compassionate and they don't tolerate fools.New Yorkers are the only mainland c... Read More »

New Yorkers VS Californians?

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Are New Yorkers wannabe?