New York Statute of Limitations for Fraud & Breach of Contract Actions?

Answer Statute of limitations place time limit restrictions on when a party may sue based upon a breach. Statute of limitations vary widely based upon the type of case, and range from one year to infinite... Read More »

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New York Statute for Fraud & Breach of Contract?

The statute of frauds is a basic doctrine of law stating that certain contracts must be put in writing and signed by all of the relevant parties in order to be enforceable. The goal of the statute ... Read More »

New York's Statute of Limitations on Breach of Contract?

A statute of limitations establishes how much time may pass after an injury, material or otherwise, before the matter can no longer be brought before a court. Statutes of limitations vary from stat... Read More »

What is the statute of limitations on breach of contract in california?

When the statue of limitations has passed a creditor can no longer pursue legal action, when a contract is breached, to collect a debt. The time frame for the statue of limitations in California wi... Read More »

The Statute of Limitations for Fraud?

A statute of limitations is the maximum time after a crime is committed within which legal action can be brought against the defendant. The statute for fraud cases depends on the jurisdiction and t... Read More »