New York State Slander Laws?

Answer Slander is defined as a form of verbal defamation of character where one party knowingly states falsehoods about another party or entity with the intent of damaging that party's reputation. The Sta... Read More »

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New York State Hit & Run Laws?

States across the nation have established hit and run laws to ensure that if an accident occurs, both parties exchange personal and insurance information or face consequences for failing to do so. ... Read More »

New York State ATV Laws?

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are designed for a variety of off-road uses including farming, hunting and recreational activities. They operate on at least two wheels and cannot have a width of more t... Read More »

New York State LLC Laws?

The chief benefit to forming a limited-liability company, or LLC, is protection from personal liability for business-related debts, obligations and legal claims. Limited-liability company members e... Read More »

What Are the Laws in New York State Regarding Wills?

Death can be a difficult time for the friends, family and loved ones of the recently deceased. New York sets several requirements for the writing and entering of wills. Those who are aware of the ... Read More »