New Tablet Elitebook troubleshooting Computer Experts needed.?

Answer If your Elitebook was new when you received it from your college, meaning no one has used it prior to you, make sure the settings are all correcty setup. Try going to the settings and search for mu... Read More »

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Wacom Tablet Troubleshooting?

Wacom tablets allow you to use a drawing pad and digital pen to write text, draw images or modify graphics. Some higher-end Wacom tablets, such as the Cintiq, embed an LCD monitor in the tablet its... Read More »

Any computer experts out there?

I think you need to get into your BIOS - somewhwere in there you'll find the opton of Enabling/Disabling the onboard sound.I'd remove the audigy soundcard, disable the onboard sound in BIOS, shut t... Read More »

For all the computer experts?

What could be wrong especially after a power outage:1. Power Supply2. Video Card3. CPU4. Motherboard5. RAMIn that order. If any of those specific items have been damaged due to a power outage, your... Read More »

Calling all computer experts!?

Go to the game's website and see if it works with your version of Wndows.