New Orleans non-cajun restaurants?

Answer I'm from New Orleans and I can tell you, Cajun resturaunts are not the dominant resturaunt market. I grew up in Lakeview close to Metairie and the resturaunts there are quite diverse.So this will b... Read More »

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Restaurants in New Orleans?

For Mexican:The Gato Ne.gro:504) 525-975281 French Market PlFor pizza:Louisiana Pizza Kitchen(504) 522-950095 French Market Pl,…There are few Indian restau... Read More »

On an Emeril show, Emeril had a tour of his favorite hole in the wall restaurants New Orleans. What are some?

Try Mother's, Coop's, Igor's, The Coffee Pot, Yo Mama's, Captain Sal's or We Never Close. There are a million dives here that out do anything you'll find anywhere else. Whatever you do avoid Land... Read More »

Do you like "Cajun Cooking"?

I love it and have cried since copeland died ..and they all went out of business..Copelands was the best ever!spinach and artichoke w bow tie pasta fried up..and gumbo and blackened prime rib nothi... Read More »

How is Creole different from Cajun food?

Both Creole and Cajun food originated in southern Louisiana, and the names are sometimes used interchangeably. The cuisines share such common ingredients as rice and seafood as well as flavorful se... Read More »