New Jersey State Projects for 4th Grade?

Answer New Jersey was the third state admitted to the Union. The earliest settlers in New Jersey were Native Americans, with the first Dutch and English explorers arriving in the 1600s. New Jersey is an o... Read More »

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State of New Jersey Gas Laws?

New Jersey is only one of two states, Oregon being the other, that does not allow customers to pump their own gas at gas stations. This law first went into effect in 1949, and still stands today, d... Read More »

Was New Jersey a free state?

Before the Civil War, the United States was divided between free states and slave states. New Jersey was a free state. The division between slave states and free states ended in 1865 when slavery w... Read More »

Is New Jersey an all-inclusive state?

New Jersey All-Inclusive? I am assuming that you are referring to 'all-inclusive' health insurance plans. If so, it does not appear that New Jersey has adopted these plans as of yet. But always ch... Read More »

New Jersey Tax for Moving Out of State?

Besides federal income taxes, most people must pay some form of state or local tax, whether it's a sales tax, state income tax or property taxes. In New Jersey, one form of tax is the exit tax, whi... Read More »