New Jersey Labor Law on Unused Vacation Days?

Answer New Jersey employees who lose or leave their jobs may wonder whether they have the right to receive payment for vacation days they have not used. State labor laws mostly leave this decision up to t... Read More »

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Im 38W 2 days and started early labor about 5 days ago and wanted some tips speeding things up also is it safe to take cod liver oil to help thanks Sarah?

Answer walking a lot is helpful--- i myself had false labor pain and i walk the whole park 5 times a day and when it was time to give birth it took me 2 hours to have my baby but don't forget the w... Read More »

California Labor Law Vacation Policies?

The California Legislature has established laws and provisions for any companies offering vacation time to employees. These rules were established by the state of California to ensure fairness in r... Read More »

Texas Labor Law on Vacation Benefits?

The 1990 Texas Pay Day Law gives employers guidelines on wages for employees. Individuals who consider employment in Texas should learn about laws regarding vacation benefits in the state.

Colorado Labor Laws on Vacation Compensation?

Colorado's labor laws mostly allow employers to set their own policies, including in the area of vacation pay. Workers who are well-versed in the state's vacation pay requirements can ensure proper... Read More »