New Itouch with camera?

Answer It's true. It's been leaked that there will be a new iPod touch with a 2.0 megapixel camera (I'm not sure if it has video). We do not know when it will come out (though it is expected in a couple o... Read More »

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What is the little dot by your front camera on your itouch 4?

it is a microphone... i thought the same thing when i first got my one as well

How do you convert video you recorded from your digital camera to your itouch?

you can use this one:…

Can you transfer pictures from a nikon slr to an Itouch and be able to view them on the itouch?

yes. but you have to do it through the computer. you download the pictures from the nikon to the computer and when you have finished doing that, you have to make a folder under my pictures of the p... Read More »

Can you trade your itouch 2g for the itouch 4g?

No, you can sell your iTouch 2G and purchuse a newer iTouch