New Facebook status games Help Please(:?

Answer 'Like my status and I'll describe you using each letter of your name''Like my status and I'll tell you where, when and how we met and what my first impression of you was''Like my status and I'll ra... Read More »

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How is it possible a non-friend saw my status on facebook really creepy please help?

Hi facebook is kinda *******! Even im seventeen, and similar crap happened with meMy privacy settings are FRIENDS ONLY..but later I realised thats just a joke :/Because alot of times i uploaded my ... Read More »

Hi im trying 2 find a middle finger text 2 fit on my facebook status did it b4 but now cant it help please?

How do i make the music note on my facebook status help please!!! and are there anymore i should kno about?

hold down alt and then on the number pad press 1 and then 3. that should work. That is, if you mean this: ♪

I need to make a status for facebook , help 10 points?

One thing young lady you will certainly NOT get is any respect ranting on about someone who has died irrespective of the circumstances.All you will do is belittle yourself and lose your self respec... Read More »