New Excel does not transfer old excel worksheets correctly. Help?

Answer Are you sure there are no other Worksheet Tabs showing at the bottom of the application window ??Is the Horizontal Scroll Bar too wide to show the other tabs, even though they may be there??What ha... Read More »

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How to List All Worksheets in Excel Using VBA?

The Worksheet class in VBA is a powerful tool that can be used to create, manipulate and remove sheets in any Excel workbook. Each Worksheet object has a property called "Name," which refers to the... Read More »

How to Use Macros in Excel to Separate Worksheets?

Knowing how to move Microsoft Office worksheets using an Excel macro can save you time if you work with a lot of worksheets. Excel is a spreadsheet application commonly used to analyze large amount... Read More »

How to sum across excel worksheets in the same book for a specific value?

Let us say that your first worksheet is titled "Summary", and there are numerous other worksheets titled "PRD_01", "PRD_02", "PRD_03", etc... all the way up to "PRD_99". (Notice that I am not usin... Read More »

How many worksheets can I include in an Excel workbook?

According to Microsoft Office Online, in Excel 2003 or 2007, the worksheet limits are defined by how much memory you have in your computer, not by the program itself. The default is three worksheet... Read More »