New Amsterdam vs. UV Vodka vs. Smirnoff?

Answer New Amsterdam, it is the best quality and is only cheap as it is because it if fairly new and they want to get more people to start drinking it.

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Does Smirnoff Vodka go off?

Strong spirits begin to oxidise as soon as the bottle is opened. In premium spirits such as single malt whisky, brandy or gin, this can lead to a certain flatness in the taste and a loss of bouque... Read More »

Why does Smirnoff Vodka freeze?

Like water, alcohol also has a freezing point. The freezing point for the other Vodka that you mentioned may be colder than for Smirnoff. For Smirnoff Vodka, the freezing point is at about -25ºF [... Read More »

Is a mickey of smirnoff vodka enough for two people ?

It depends a lot on which two people, how fast you drink it over what period of time, your activity level and what you eat. That should be plenty for two 100 pound girls though. If fact if you dr... Read More »

How many shots are in 375ml of smirnoff vodka?