Never had sex missed period for 6 mounths now PLEASE URGENT HELP?

Answer Ignore any suggestions that have sex as a solution. This will not fix any personal health problems that you have within your body and could introduce new ones if you had unprotected sex and contrac... Read More »

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I missed my period Please help!?

Yes, during your first year of periods, you might have 2 periods in a month, skip several months, have a very heavy period, have a light period, have cramps, not have cramps. Anything can happen wi... Read More »

Period help!!! urgent please!!?

Try going to the store and buy Pads for day and for night don't wear when swimming but it will stop in the water!! Make sure the nighttime ones are long tho!! Have fun!

Bleeding week after missed period... please help?

Implantation bleeding happens days before you miss your period.Some women have some bleeding on the first three months of pregnancy. Try to relax and wait to see what happens, if you have a normal... Read More »

Missed period Please help :'( 10 points to best answer!?

It is possible that you are pregnant, because pregnancy tests can give false negative readings. A doctor is the only one who will be able to tell you for sure if you are pregnant or not. I can't te... Read More »