Never had sex but given oral sex spotted for a day pregnant?

Answer No you cannot get pregnant just by doing oral sex. You would have to have vaginal sex to be pregnant.

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Your child's father never signed the birth certificate and has never given you a dime in two years can your fiance adopt her?

There is an adoption agencies here in Espanola, New Mexico. Every few times a year they will have a display of the children available for adoption and information on them. To get more information..... Read More »

You had a period last month for a day then spotted for four now your nipples are sore to the touch could you possibly be pregnant?

Answer the best way to know is by taking a hpt--because the reason i said that cuz pms symptoms and pregnancy symptoms are alike so its hard to tell if you're pregnant or not--

Is there anyone else here who has never been given an orgasm from a man?

Only about 20% of all women can regularly achieve an orgasm from vaginal intercourse. Even if you are one of those lucky 20%, there's always the possibility that it takes you too long to achieve an... Read More »

Can a woman get pregnant if she has oral sex?

No. Only vaginal sex will result in pregnancy. Sperm must travel from the penis through the vagina, through the cervix, through the uterus, and into the fallopian tube for fertilization to occur.... Read More »