Never Use Wikipedia I don't think so!?

Answer I think you are 100% right. If somebody tries to mess with wiki you probably can find out while reading a "dumb article" Most of them are taken from professional sources.

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Why dont all you people use wikipedia instead of this?

Wikipedia don't answer personal problems, and some entertainment problems.It depends on the questions. Like the Polls and riddles in the entertainment section. Wikipedia can't answer those.

Why dont people use wikipedia or google etc?

well, i dont use wikipedia because people can change info on it, so sometimes it's not true, and google can be the same way, and a mess to go through. I like hearing from real people on this site

Why dont people realize that wikipedia sucks?

Why dont the image files in wikipedia appear on my browser?

Some browsers don't automatically update the adobe flash player, or sometimes the security settings in your computer prevent automatic updates. You probably need to go get the newest adobe flash.J... Read More »