Never Seen, What kind of site it is ?

Answer its most likely a scam, malware, adware or any other virus. ignore this video and content. there is a better way to get upgrades, buying at local retail or using torrent and a bit torrent client, m... Read More »

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I have never heard of Chick Filet and never seen one?

He donates money each year through Chic-Filet to anti-gay organizations. He has every right to express his views and choose where to donate corporate funds, although as a businessman, he should kn... Read More »

“What is one TV show or movie that almost everyone else has seen that you’ve never seen?

What is the worst film you've never seen?

Groundhog DayAny Monty Python filmsfour Weddings & a Funeral 6 thumbs down? f*king hell what sort of sence of humour have people got?

What is Quorn made of - I have never seen it where I live, can you only get it in UK?

It is a form of protein that is produced by a fungus (Fusarium sp.) which was first produced in the mid 1980's as an alternative to meat, but is not suitable for vegans as it has egg products. Fusa... Read More »