Never Seen, What kind of site it is ?

Answer its most likely a scam, malware, adware or any other virus. ignore this video and content. there is a better way to get upgrades, buying at local retail or using torrent and a bit torrent client, m... Read More »

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Going to work at a cam site & the site say its Ideal to use a mini DV why mini DV & not other kind like Flash?

I think i already answered your question earlier but just incase heres the info againLots to figure out..I actually work on about 8 cam sites and have 3 cams LOL so there is lots of things to figur... Read More »

Does anyone know a site that I can go to, to get this kind of information?

I'm certainly sorry to hear about your troubles. It does sound as though, if you can trust your dentist, the best thing to do is to go with someone he has previously worked with and recommends. The... Read More »

What kind of foods can i eat for better eye site?

Carrots are good because of the beta carotine. They also now have over the counter vitamin supplements you can take that are supposed to help you maintain healthy eyes. One brand I know of is cal... Read More »

What kind of problem arise in a construction site?

youre associated with hurting and robbing a lot of good innocent people the name automatically reminds people of negative