Neutrogena Vs. Oil of Olay?

Answer Consumers nearly everywhere are aware of the brands Neutrogena and Oil of Olay. In the world of supermarket/drugstore beauty products, they are in the upper echelon. They are, in a way, the Chanel ... Read More »

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Who sings the 'olay olay olay' song?

AnswerRicky MartinOr sung by thousands of cheering fans at football (soccer) games around the world.

Have you ever tryed neutrogena body wash or neutrogena body scrub and did it work?

i use the body wash, have been for years and it works great! i used to break out on my back and upper arms but now i don't have that problem anymore. Except when my period comes around but thats ... Read More »

Neutrogena for Acne?

According to, Neutrogena has produced quality products for years and has developed a devoted group of pleased followers. Not everyone has the same skin type and Neutrog... Read More »

Proactive Vs. Neutrogena?

With acne affecting everyone from teenagers to adults, a search for the perfect solution to clearer skin is always underway. Approximately 17 million Americans are afflicted by acne. Unfortunatel... Read More »