Neutralize cat urine in houseplant soil?

Answer Urine is usually around a pH of 7, or neutral (like pure water). The problem might come with the extreme amount of salts and ammonia present in the urine, which may be harmful to the plant. The bes... Read More »

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How do I neutralize cat urine?

Remove Existing UrineBlot excess cat urine with paper towels or an old washcloth or rag. Do not rub or apply pressure to the area, especially if it is carpeted, as this will further distribute the ... Read More »

How do I neutralize dog urine stains?

Use Enzymatic CleanersSpray or pour enzymatic cleaner made for pet stains and odors directly on the spot where the dog relieved itself. Enzymatic cleaners have special enzymes that break down the t... Read More »

How do I neutralize pet urine in grass?

Rinse the AreaPour a bucket of water onto the area where the pet urinated immediately after elimination. Or use a garden hose to flush the area with water immediately after the pet urinates.Use Chl... Read More »

Yellow Fungus in Houseplant Soil?

Gardeners may find small, bright yellow mushrooms growing in the soil of their houseplants. There can be many reasons these mushrooms develop, but in most cases they are not harmful to the plant it... Read More »