Network attached A3 Scanner?

Answer A network attached scanner like the Kodak Scanstation 500 or Fujitsu N1500 will not need any drivers on the target system. You will need to setup up a folder on the target system with the proper p... Read More »

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What is network attached storage?

Network-attached storage (NAS) is a common term for a storage hard drive that is set up to be used by multiple computers over a shared home or office network.ConnectionAn NAS will be connected to a... Read More »

Network Attached Storage Advantages?

There are many kinds of network appliances available today. One network appliance that is highly useful for the storage of shared data across a network of computers and servers is known as network ... Read More »

Attached Network Storage Devices?

Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices are computers that reside on a network and provide file-level services to other computers on the network. NAS devices are used expressly for file storage and ... Read More »

How to Use FreeNAS to Create a Network Attached Storage System?

Use an old PC and couple of drives to create a NAS server to store mp3's/videos.