Network Protocols & Standards?

Answer Networking technology requires all elements are able to speak a common language. Plugs and connectors on cables need to be compatible with the sockets on equipment. Software has to send messages th... Read More »

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Importance of Standards & Protocols?

Standards and protocols are the guidelines of operation in production, communication or operation in a business setting. In a world where the ability to interact quickly and efficiently is consider... Read More »

Why Are Network Protocols Important?

A network protocol is a standard that details formats and sequences for use in transferring data. These protocols may be proprietary systems or standards defined by public bodies or industry associ... Read More »

Industrial Network Protocols?

A protocol is a rule set that computers use to communicate with each other, and across networks. A protocol is implemented by either hardware or software. Interfaces such as USB and Serial are cons... Read More »

Definition of Network Protocols?

Network protocols are rules that dictate communication between devices on a network. They define mechanisms that allow network devices to identify, recognize and form connections with one another, ... Read More »