Nettle sting, 10 points best answer!?

Answer Creams that you can get from supermarkets and over counters are very effective. Take sudocream for example. Primarily for nappy rash, works on blisters burns and rashes. The 'lump' is ok, quite com... Read More »

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Difference sting nettle and nettle root?

The root is the one you need for prostate hypertrophy. The aerial parts have some action but not enough.

What causes the sting in a nettle?

The stinging structure of the nettle is very similar to the hypodermic needle. Each sting is actually a hollow hair stiffened by silica with a swollen base that contains the venom. The tip of this ... Read More »

How to Treat a Sting from a Stinging Nettle?

The stinging nettle is a herbaceous flowering plant found in Europe, Asia, northern Africa, and North America.[1] Stings hurt! This will show you how to heal it. The leaves and stems are covered wi... Read More »

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