Net-Effective Interest Rates?

Answer A "net effective" interest rate is a mathematical concept. The basic idea is that a yearly rate of interest can be calculated monthly, or in some other increment of time. This means that, at the en... Read More »

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Why does the Fed cut interest rates?

The Federal Reserve System--the "Fed," for short--uses interest rate reductions to stimulate economic activity. The Fed's influence over interest rates is one of its most powerful tools.The FedThe ... Read More »

The Best Interest Rates for a Loan?

Credit is what you are given, and debt is what you will carry. The latter is always heavier than the former. The weight of that burden is determined significantly by the interest rate attached to a... Read More »

How to Calculate Car Interest Rates?

The interest rate will normally be given to you when you first sign the lease for your car. If you do not have this rate available, you will be able to perform a reverse calculation from your last ... Read More »

How To Compare CD Interest Rates?

Certificates of deposit, or CDs, are savings accounts that have a fixed interest and date when the principal, or starting amount, and accrued interest, can be withdrawn. CDs are considered very saf... Read More »