Neon Underglow Laws?

Answer One of the most popular external cosmetic modifications on cars is the addition of neon lights under the chassis, commonly called underglow lights. As with anything car-related, there are a slew of... Read More »

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What is neon underglow?

"Neon Under-Glow" has become sort of a catch-all term that covers any sort of indirect lighting system mounted beneath a car. These eye-catching light systems have seen a number of crests and fall... Read More »

Neon vs. LED Underglow?

In the world of aftermarket customization, automotive enthusiasts have taken to lighting up the night with undercar lights, also called "underglow". Tuners can choose between neon or LED light to ... Read More »

Are neon underglow lights illegal in Virginia?

Not only are neon "underglow" or "ground effect" lights illegal to use under a vehicle on the highways of Virginia, but neon lights are illegal inside the vehicle as well. While neon lights can be ... Read More »

Florida Vehicle Underglow Laws?

Cars have become more than just a means of transportation. For many, a car is a reflection of his or her personality, wealth and even, for men, virility. One way to help your car reflect your ind... Read More »