Neon Light Laws in Texas?

Answer Some people like neon lights for their eye-grabbing qualities, while others think them garish and disconcerting. Throughout Texas, various laws address the use of neon lights. In historic districts... Read More »

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Neon Underbody Light Laws in Pennsylvania?

When making modifications to your vehicle, it is important to know the laws of your state. Every state has laws regarding what modifications can be made to your vehicle, including laws covering th... Read More »

Laws About Neon Lights?

For some car enthusiasts, dressing a car in neon lights is a good way of making the vehicle more attractive. Neon lights make the car more eye-catching, especially when driving in dark areas. Howev... Read More »

Neon Underglow Laws?

One of the most popular external cosmetic modifications on cars is the addition of neon lights under the chassis, commonly called underglow lights. As with anything car-related, there are a slew of... Read More »

California Laws on Neon Lights?

Underglow lights, often referred to as neon lights, are colored neon or LED lights attached to the undercarriage of a car, truck or motocycle. These lights emit a glow that makes the vehicle appear... Read More »