Neglected Accessories Every Woman Should Own?

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EVERY woman should own _____ (fun fill-in-the-blank)?

at least one bra less than 4 years old, with both hooks, and an in tact elastic.Guess I need to shop.

What Should Every Woman Have on Her Going Out Necessities List?

Every woman has an item that she cannot be without when she goes out. This vital item and other necessities go a long way in making her feel comfortable anywhere by covering many possible scenarios... Read More »

Should every woman have the right to have a baby?

Yes. I believe everyone(as long they are at legal age and won't treat the child like a servant trashcan) should have a chance to have sex and have a baby.

My contacts should be changed every 4 months. What if I wear them every other day?

You should change to some contacts that have been designed in the last decade and quit wearing those obsolete ones.