Negatives of Intelligence Testing?

Answer Since 2200 BC, societies have employed intelligence testing in order to compare individual capabilities and award special opportunities to those with the most impressive outcomes. At that time, it ... Read More »

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What Are the Positive & Negatives of IQ Testing?

IQ testing has a mixed reputation. Some consider it a test slanted in favor of specific cultural factors. It can be an accurate indication of an individual's intelligence. Depending on the situatio... Read More »

What is intelligence testing?

The process of testing intelligence was first invented in 1905 by Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon. Intelligence testing, also known as the IQ test, is used to determine someone's intelligence quoti... Read More »

Uses of Intelligence Testing?

In 1900, the French government determined that it needed a test to distinguish the "normal" children from those who were having academic difficulties. They hired noted psychologist Alfred Binet to ... Read More »

When did intelligence testing begin?

In 1904, the French government commissioned Alfred Binet to develop an objective test to assess the general ability of students. Children were asked a series of questions. The results were measured... Read More »