Negatives of Intelligence Testing?

Answer Since 2200 BC, societies have employed intelligence testing in order to compare individual capabilities and award special opportunities to those with the most impressive outcomes. At that time, it ... Read More »

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What Are the Positive & Negatives of IQ Testing?

IQ testing has a mixed reputation. Some consider it a test slanted in favor of specific cultural factors. It can be an accurate indication of an individual's intelligence. Depending on the situatio... Read More »

Implications of Intelligence Testing?

While intelligence tests are no longer standard in many schools, your child may have her intelligence or "intelligence quotient" (commonly known as IQ) tested for a variety of reasons, medical or a... Read More »

Types of Intelligence Testing?

Intelligence tests are psychological tests used to measure a person's ability to perform intellectual tasks. Many intelligence tests are standardized. This means that they are designed to be admini... Read More »

Intelligence Testing in Toddlers?

Intelligence testing in very young children, particularly toddlers is not particularly reliable or good at indicating future achievement levels. Consequently, most testing done in the first few yea... Read More »