Negative Relationship Between Inflation & Unemployment?

Answer During an economic downturn, two different factors play prominent roles in determining the financial situation severity. One factor is the unemployment rate and the other factor is the unemployment... Read More »

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Relationship Between Inflation & Unemployment Rate?

Inflation and unemployment have an inverse relationship, so an increase in unemployment will reduce the inflation rate. It is possible for a nation to have high unemployment and high inflation at t... Read More »

Why Does a Zero Inflation Rate Affect Unemployment?

Economic theory suggests that employment is tied to inflation in that high unemployment can cause a deflation, or depression. Monetary policy is used to stimulate the economy to balance employment ... Read More »

What is Inflation Why inflation down from up Demand, Cost and effect(affecting to stock market?

Hi Dakxa,Inflation can be thought of as resulting from too much money chasing too few goods. The result is rising prices for goods and services in an economy. During an economic recession such as... Read More »

How to Convert Annual Inflation to Monthly Inflation?

Inflation is usually listed as an annual statistic, with the cost of purchasing goods increasing between 1 and 4 percent per year. However, there is not one day during the year when prices suddenly... Read More »