Negative Media and Its Influences on Crime?

Answer It is impossible to know for sure how a message will affect a person. Anyone who has ever uttered a catchphrase or an ad slogan, or formed an opinion based on an analyst's, knows this is true. All ... Read More »

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How Negative Influences in the Media Affect School Violence?

According to Psychological Science in the Public Interest and an article titled "The Influence of Media Violence on Youth," cross-sectional studies beginning in the late 1970s give evidence that ex... Read More »

How to Avoid Negative Influences from Twilight?

Are you a die-hard Twifan? Do you stay up half the night reading and re-reading the books? You may want to rethink your Twilight obsession once you realize that extreme romance can be damaging to y... Read More »

Positive & Negative Influences of Television on Children?

Childhood is a time of profound growth. That development is impeded and stimulated by a whole host of factors, none more important than those in the home. Given its prominence in the modern America... Read More »

Courses in Media Crime and Culture?

Social scientists have debated and argued that the mass media, whether through news or television programming, reinforces cultural stereotypes or images of crime and criminals when counters could b... Read More »