Negative Effects of Water Hardness on Newly Hatched Fishes?

Answer Incorrect water quality is the most important limiting factor to successful fish breeding and rearing. When rearing fish, the correct hardness is important to the hatchlings' survivability. Hardnes... Read More »

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What do newly hatched tadpoles eat?

According to Nature North, newly hatched tadpoles have a large yolk sac that they feed off of for the first several days. After the yolk sac disappears and the tadpoles begin to swim, they can be f... Read More »

How to Feed Newly Hatched Cockatiels?

A newly hatched cockatiel is a vulnerable creature that needs to be handled carefully, especially during feeding time. Hand-feeding a baby cockatiel is an absolute necessity because it grows rapidl... Read More »

How many days does a newly hatched duckling need a heat lamp?

According to the University of Minnesota Extension office, newly hatched ducklings need to be kept under a heat lamp for the first 3 to 4 days of life. In cold weather, supplemental heat may be ne... Read More »

Negative Effects of Water Erosion?

When rain water falls it causes soil or water erosion. Rainwater sweeps away the topsoil, which exposes the layers beneath it to the natural elements, and increases carbon dioxide release. This is ... Read More »