Negative Effects of Credit Card Advertising?

Answer Every year, the credit card industry spends millions in advertising in an effort to attract new customers. This advertising can take many forms, including direct mail, online ads, television, print... Read More »

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Can you carry a negative balance on a credit card?

You can carry a negative balance on your credit card if you overpay your bill. You may request a refund from your credit card company or, if you plan on using the card, simply leave the overpayment... Read More »

When is a credit card in a prolonged state of negative amortization?

A prolonged state of negative amortization is when a credit card's minimum monthly payment is consistently less than the monthly interest charge, causing the outstanding balance to increase, month ... Read More »

When is a Credit Card in a Prolonged State of Negative Amortization?

Credit card negative amortization happens when the amount you owe grows-- instead of shrinking with each payment--because you are paying off only a portion of the interest, not the entire interest.

Effects of a New Secured Card on Credit?

Secured credit cards are often used by people with no credit history or consumers who need to improve bad credit. Pat Curry of Bankrate advises that secured cards require a bank account deposit of ... Read More »