Negative Effects of Bionics on Society?

Answer Bionics, also known as biomedical implants, are artificial additions to the human body. In most cases, these additions are meant to mimic the function of a nonfunctional body part, such as a limb o... Read More »

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Negative Effects of Media Violence on Society?

A long-running debate since the 1950s has centered on the issue of media violence--in television, movies, music and video games--and its effects on society. Conclusions vary widely, but a growing n... Read More »

How has the cell phone impacted society in a negative way?

How has a digital camera impacted society in a positive and negative way?

Its negative because you take so many pictures and they may have sentimental value but then you accidentally format your camera so now you have that sickening feeling in your gut and your thinking ... Read More »

The Effects of TV Ads on Today's Society?

You can find advertisements in magazines, on television, on the radio, written on buses and even on the sides of large buildings. Advertisements are such a common part of life you probably hardly n... Read More »