Negative Effects of Academic Cheating?

Answer Sometimes a class seems too challenging. Other times, you may feel overwhelmed with challenges of extracurricular activities, class and home responsibilities. During these times, you may feel compe... Read More »

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What Are the Causes of Academic Cheating?

Cheating has been an issue for years in academic settings, whether in the primary grades, high school or college. Studies such as the ones Andy Orment, Alison Smith and Wendy Newstetter conducted a... Read More »

How to Prevent Academic Cheating?

According to Virginia Commonwealth University, 40 to 70 percent of college students admit to cheating at least once during their academic careers. Academic cheating includes plagiarism, cheating du... Read More »

Reasons for Academic Cheating?

Cheating is more prevalent in schools and universities than many realize. Males are more likely to cheat than females, and students who take part in several extracurricular activities are also pron... Read More »

The Effects of Cheating on Exams?

According to the Educational Testing Service, cheating peaks in high school, where 75 percent of students admit to getting an unfair advantage at some point. The temptation to cheat increases due t... Read More »