Needed aplace to stay when a friend offered us to stay at her apt she was living at her parents house we all and the landlord agreedcan can she?

Answer AnswerNo, I believe in most States that if she willing allowed you to move in her dwelling that she has to give you an eviction notice and thirty days to find somewhere to go.See a Lawer or I belie... Read More »

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Just purchased a 120year old farm house. Living room has the ugliest dark wood panelling-take out or stay?

I sold the house I was living in for a really good price. So why is my landlord so upset?

Because you didn't add his ex-wife to the deal as a "total package"

What are the legal rights of children to stay with step parents vs bio parents?

If you are 17 and your girl friend is 15 and she is pregnant and she is getting kicked out and there is 10 people living in your house its over crouded can you get a house with her?

Answer Legally, you can not because you both are underaged. But you could apply for emancipation, which you have to get signed by your parent, that says that you have a job, or money to live on you... Read More »