Need ways to cut costs at my daycare/school.?

Answer buying the food in bulk storing it. have green days where you dont use electricity--lights in the classrooms aka ( of course you gotta keep the fridge running) for meals that day eat foods that don... Read More »

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Ways to Cut Costs in Your Restaurant?

Opening a new restaurant is tough, but staying open can be even more difficult. A study by Cornell University and Michigan State University found that, over a 10-year period, 70 percent of restaura... Read More »

I need new ways of doing my hair and make up ...?

Maybe have a 1 inch or so trimmed off you hair, keep the layers. With the fringe maybe have it like this...… Try teasing your hair. Maybe a high, messy bun... Read More »

How to Fake Sick, Need Good Ways!?

simple techniques that might work..,1.)get a can of veggie soup, pour some in the toilet, and eat some.., when your mom comes looking for you, she'll see you threw up..,(the only problem is you got... Read More »

I need to learn some ways to grow?

kindly ask genetics to help you along.dears, only genes can prove worthy, nothing is going to make you do anything else.unless you eat alot then you'll just get fat.