Need to locat for purchasde rachels evens book about autism in infants?

Answer Nothing. Even the best antiviral drugs around today can only slightly reduce the infection time, usually only by a day or two. In 5-10% of children given the antiviral drugs there have been reports... Read More »

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What shots cause autism for infants?

No shots cause autism. Vaccinate your infants.

What number of infants are born with autism?

NONE! Autism is caused by improper meducations, Either by chemical makeup or by volume

What was the MMR and autism about?

A doctor, Andrew Wakefield, who was being paid as an advisor to a lawyer who was representing families trying to sue for damages after children became ill after the MMR vaccine, published in The La... Read More »

How do you feel about the use of Marijuana to treat autism. ?

I have not looked into cannabis for *autism*, so I'm not just going to spout an opinion without something to back it up. I just want to comment on the fact that most of the answers on this question... Read More »