Need to like coffee without milk?

Answer Black coffee is an acquired taste so you just have to start drinking it. Before you know it, you'll love it. You'll think anything in it is gross. Coffee is actually very healthy for you, if you do... Read More »

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Coffee Tea Hot Chocolate Milk Or other Which do you like to have in the morning?

Coffee so I can wake upHot chocolate at night for a good night sleepmilk in my cereal on weekendsand Tea sunday nights with the familyguten tag, good day or buen dia

Can we make milk coffee in coffee maker or only black coffee?

Hello joyous,Normally,the milk is heated to boiling temperatures inside the coffee maker. This will cause many problems-the milk could coagulate and clog the coffee maker. Also, the milk residue wi... Read More »

Coffee Hot Chocolate Tea Milk or Juice Which do you like to have to start your day?

Hi I love a hot cup of coffee from the coffee machine :-),It is great to start the day with my cereal :-)Have a great day and great question as always :-)

How to Make a Coffee Milkshake With Just Coffee and Milk?

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