Need to install software for scsi/raid host conWhat devices use scsi/raid drivers?

Answer If it is new when you turn on your PC, wonder if you installed new softwares related to this issue. Some simulation applications , like CD simulator, may let system think there is a new device.Chec... Read More »

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How to Install Drivers for "Unknown Devices" in Windows Xp?

Most all home Admin's have run into the dreaded "Unknown Device" after installing XP. Here are some steps to assist in getting the correct driver for PCI based devices.

Do I need to install drivers when I build a pc ?

Definately!If you don't install motherboard drivers on your PC then if you use some Intel processors it doesn't update the graphics to HD X000. Also, Windows 7 does not install audio drivers corre... Read More »

I need ir3300i black n white drivers and know how to install it for network use?

It's rather difficult to help you, my friend, when you don't tell us which Operating System(s) the computers on your network are using.Start by clicking on the following webpage, which is Canon (In... Read More »

Do i need to turn off my firewall if i install an anti-virus software?

No, don't turn off the firewall to install, but once installed, turn off your windows firewall and have Norton firewall running. Having both or more will conflict. And another thing, if a firewal... Read More »