Need to change works processor to doc. file or pdf file?

Answer Microsoft Works uses different file formats to MS Office but you can convert documents to the .doc MS Word if you download the Microsoft Works Compatibility pack from here: Read More »

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How to Open a DOC File With Microsoft Works Word Processor?

"Doc" files, known for their .doc file extension, are Microsoft Word documents. You can open, view and edit these files on your computer, whether you have Microsoft Word or not. Microsoft Works Wor... Read More »

How to Change a Microsoft Works Document Into a TXT File?

Microsoft Works documents can be quickly changed to a variety of different formats, including plain-text or TXT files. A TXT file contains no formatting and can be read by any text editor or word p... Read More »

How to change file name of multiple files so that i can add a name in front of the name of the file?

There is a simple built-in method in Windows. First you just need to select all your files you wish to rename. You can go to Edit > Select all or press Ctrl + A.Now you can right-click and choose R... Read More »

How do I change a Print Shop SIG file into a PDF file?

Open the file you want to change in Print Shop. Select "Save," and the "Save as." Choose PDF under the file type, then click "Save." You can also choose an XPS or JPG file type.References:Broderbun... Read More »