Need to buy a new TV for the family room. Clueless about all the new technology?

Answer Personally, I don't recommend projection TVs (DLPs included). Because they tend to burn $200.00 lamps out fairly often. If I were going to buy a projection, I would buy a Panasonic with the LiFi® ... Read More »

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If john can paint his family room in 3 days what fraction on his family room still unpainted After 2 days?

Clueless about financial aid for college - HELP!!!?

If your EFC (estimated family contribution) is 0, which I'm sure it will be from your situation, you will get $4050 per year in grant money. This is free money you don't have to pay back.You will ... Read More »

I need a fast digital camera. and Im clueless.?

If you're using flash the fastest normal sync time is 1/200. This will be fast enough to lose some of the blur but not all.The only way to stop motion, as you want to, is a very fast shutter speed... Read More »

Difference Between a Family Room and a Living Room?

The terms "family room" and "living room" are often used interchangeably. However, there is a difference. The contrasts lie in how we use the rooms, how we decorate them, and where they are located... Read More »