Need tips keeping braces clean on long school days?

Answer i m a high school stud too & ive got braces too (got em jus a week back)it feels odd though. on having lunch i feel its better to hav ur teeth jus brushed up. use floss. i do the same. its not emb... Read More »

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I'm getting braces in 2 days any tips?

When i got my braces i couldn't eat solids for a few days. Everyone's different so this may not happen to you. So basically what happens is first they'll clean your teeth, then they put fluoride on... Read More »

Tips on Keeping Your Room Clean And in Style?

Keeping your bedroom clean and free from clutter is not only physically healthy, but for some people cleaning a room is a way of relieving stress. Regularly organizing and cleaning your room can be... Read More »

Do you have any tips for keeping the house clean and tidy?

a place for every thing and every thing in it place. if you get it out put it back. if you drop it pick it up. wipe your feet before you enter. hang your coat up. Can't tell you how many times i he... Read More »

Tips on Keeping Long, Color-Treated Blond Hair Healthy?

Look no further than the story of Rapunzel to see that long blond locks have been prized for centuries. A color treatment can make almost anyone a fair-haired beauty, but it requires special care t... Read More »