Need some information about kites?

Answer Kite flying is not exactly alien to your country. Look up "Indian fighter kite."Your idea of good kite qualities might be different from mine.1. The kite must roll up for easy storage2. The kite... Read More »

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How do box kites fly?

A box kite has an eye-catching appearance, with the shape of a box at each end. It was invented by Lawrence Hargrave during the 1890s. Hargrave was attempting to design a vehicle for manned flight ... Read More »

How to Build Kites?

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How to Make Japanese Kites?

There are more than 130 varieties of traditional Japanese kites. The Japanese began developing these many kites between 1603 and 1867 AD, but the kite has been part of the culture since at least 70... Read More »

How to Teach About Kites to Preschool?

Kites have been used for centuries as toys and as parts of celebrations and scientific experiments. Kids naturally love kites, so take advantage of this interest by having a "Kite Day." A few simpl... Read More »