Need some help picking out a couple lens's for my Nikon D3000?

Answer The 55-200 mm is a good start to add to your existing 18-55 mm lens.The lens you will really want to have on your trip is the 10-24 mm wide angle zoomShots from the Caribbean using the older 12-24 ... Read More »

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I need a new Nikon digital camera and I need some good suggestions. Who can help me?

The next step would be the Nikon D7000. It can use all the same lenses you have been using on your D80.The D7000 is going to be much better at shooting in low light than your fine D80http://www.dx... Read More »

I need some help. Nikon D7000.?

Of course it does not work. The camera focuses beyond where you are going to be. Auto-focus occurs when you press the shutter release, so there you are.You have two choices.1) manually focus wher... Read More »

I was running some settings on my camera(Nikon D3000) and i came this "white balance", I went to the 'Flash"?

The default White Balance setting is Auto (A). You use the Flash setting when the main source of light is your built-in flash or other electronic flash units.You can use the Shooting Menu > "Reset ... Read More »

I just bought a new nikon D3000. it is my first SLR camera. All my pictures are fuzzy, help?

I agree that this is a problem of you needing to learn what you are doing, but, in the meantime, look in your owners manual and find how to reset the camera to all the factory default settings. You... Read More »