Need some cooking advice, sticking to pan?

Answer Two things. Invest in some airbake cookie sheets. It's pretty much impossible to burn something on airbake. They aren't too expensive. The other thing is to buy parchment paper. They have it at mos... Read More »

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I need some advice on boiling pasta without it sticking together?

for every 100gr of pasta use 1l of water(ie: for 300g pasta use 3 liters water)Boil the water adding 1 teaspoon of salt to each liter of water.When water is bubbling put the pasta in + 5 tablespoon... Read More »

I need advice for cooking food in microwave?

You can't cook like that in the microwave at all. They're not designed for that kind of cooking.You need to use a crock pot, aka slow cooker, for the chicken & veggies. Or you can use a roasting ... Read More »

Need some blister advice?

Do you have a piece of clean white cloth? Perhaps you could even cut a tiny piece from a hanky. Add some petroleum jelly to it and then use the medical tape to wrap the cloths over each blister. Th... Read More »

I need some advice on cancer?

The odds of the spot being cancer are much higher than normal due to the melanoma. I doubt the docs could give you more specific odds unless they noticed certain characteristics that lead them to ... Read More »