Need some blister advice?

Answer Do you have a piece of clean white cloth? Perhaps you could even cut a tiny piece from a hanky. Add some petroleum jelly to it and then use the medical tape to wrap the cloths over each blister. Th... Read More »

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Need some advice please?

Hello. So many ways to answer this and what will work for you depends on whether you truly mean "spiritual" as in you are something other than the body, or psychological without a "beyond birth an... Read More »

Not really p&p but need some advice?

You need to contact Disability Living Allowance. They will give her a form to fill out (I know that you said that she has done this 3times) but she needs to appeal against them. After the 2nd rej... Read More »

I need some advice on cancer?

The odds of the spot being cancer are much higher than normal due to the melanoma. I doubt the docs could give you more specific odds unless they noticed certain characteristics that lead them to ... Read More »

Need Some Advice On My Body?

Ab definition is all to do with body fat, but at the moemt you lack muscle. Focus on bulking. Put on 1-2 stone, then cut and you'll get your abs. Might take you about 6 months though.