Need some answers on bug bites:(?

Answer First, none of your bites are from a spider. The 'trail' of bites is consistent with bedbugs.Flea bites are common on the lower legs, they live in the grass, and just walking through your yard can ... Read More »

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Why am i getting mosquito bites or some kind of bug bites after the pool its annoying :(?

maybe ur aluget to a chemical in the water.

I need some answers!?

You can get a bruise from the slightest bump that you don't remember, sounds like you backed into a work service.Why on earth do you be wanting to crack you're back that just can't be good.As for t... Read More »

Chest pain; need some answers?

It could be a muscle strain or a pinched nerve in your back that is causing it.

I just got braces.. I need some answers!?

RELAX! Everything is normal. Sure a specific tooth might hurt, it migth be getting moved more than another one.Your dentist went to school for many years, he didn't put all that metal in your mou... Read More »