Need some advice on SCSI termination?

Answer not really.. errm years since i used scsi.. there should be a jumper or dipswitch on the unit to turn off termination and ID on the scanner.depends on the scsi card also, if it was bought as a bund... Read More »

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What is the name of the expansion card in an SCSI system that controls the SCSI bus?

The proper name for the expansion card in a SCSI system that controls the SCSI Bus is SCSI Host Adapter. The adapter transfers data between the CPU and storage devices or other peripheral devices v... Read More »

Need to install software for scsi/raid host conWhat devices use scsi/raid drivers?

If it is new when you turn on your PC, wonder if you installed new softwares related to this issue. Some simulation applications , like CD simulator, may let system think there is a new device.Chec... Read More »

Termination of Parental Rights in New Mexico Child is 12 and has lived in Texas all her life with her grandparents father lives in NM can a termination be done in NM laws are less strict?

Yes, if the biological grandparents fail to have an approved home study for any reason, the foster parents would be given preference.

What does SCSI mean?

SCSI stands for Small Computer System Interface. It is a set of standard interfaces that allow communication between peripheral hardware devices, such as DVD drivers and hard disks, and a personal ... Read More »