Need remote codes for sharp shp2076 watch?

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What are the codes for sharp remote control watch?

You receive an email telling you about two golden lions, if you find both of them you unlock two extra missions, after that, play to 100%!

I need Remote Codes for an old Sharp stereo receiver cassette turntable SC 6900 BK?

Hello here is the site for it where you can download the code book on most remotes you can find the codes for your tv by doing thi... Read More »

I have an RCA remote that I had to change batteries on and now it doesn't work. I need the codes for a Sharp TV.?

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What are the sharp vcr remote codes for the sharp universal remote?

I have a cosmotech tv and it uses the same remote codes as a VIZIO tv. I recently got a Vizio blu-ray player as well and the remote said that it will work with a VIZIO tv only, and it worked with m... Read More »