Need problem with isohunt?

Answer check isitdownfororeveryone.comits something like that it checks if the site is up or if its only not working for you

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Need Help with Java Code problem is with the math?

Your first calculation should be the correct one, since yes, you do need powers.However, you're printing the result of the second, wrong calculation.This should work:> double total = investment * M... Read More »

Problem with my ear Really need help!?

Hi, i would say use some "Otex" which is oil for blocked ears, it should work just tip you head side ways and sleep on the other ear. Or if you havnt got any Otex put 2teaspoons of olive oil into a... Read More »

I need help with a kindle problem?

Try deleting some apps they might be taking up some valuable memory that your kindle needs to operate properly. If that doesn't work I'm afraid you might have to reset your kindle back to factory s... Read More »

Ok i need help with my printer problem?

What happened? What is happening? Please add more detail to this question.Sounds like driver issues.1)GO to Start ( at the bottom of your screen)GO to RunType in devmgmt.mscThis will take you to th... Read More »