Need names of singers or music groups with children's songs.?

Answer Hi Jenny,RAH and Leslie B really did a super job answering your question. Since I'm so stoked about last weekends event, I just wanted to share my experience. The Learning Station presented at ou... Read More »

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Do any pre-k or kindergarten teachers know any childrens songs that have dances to go with them?

ring a ring a rosieinse winse spider with actionsdo your ears hang low(pretend hands are droppy ears)do they wobble to-and-fro(sway your hands)can you tie them in a knot(pretend to tie under your c... Read More »

I need names of some good songs?

try yahoo music and download the songs usin limewire.... prb solved

Music!!!! I need some new songs to download, any ideas?

Why do people waste 5 points on questions like these when they could simply scroll through Myspace or Amazon?

I need help finding some new songs and music...?

Visit www.pandora.comI was in your position a while ago and I could never find anything new that I actually liked. Then I joined Pandora, and it's honestly amazing. You can make your own radio stat... Read More »